Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He was There.

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper..." (Isaiah 54:17)

Melissa had a pretty good day yesterday. She was laughing and talking a little and even ate a little lunch. We had a pretty peaceful and uneventful day.

Around 5 PM she received her 4th and final dose of Artesunate. They brought it early so they could give her the first round of Malarone 4 hours from that point. Thus began the downhill slide. Nausea, vomiting, fever, chills and pain.

By 8PM she was hurting in her upper stomach feeling a lot more pressure than she had been. The liver and spleen are pushing against the ribcage and causing discomfort and she was afraid it was worse. She got really scared thinking something was wrong.

The nurse sumoned the on-call doctor and he came down in about 10 minutes. Not impressed with him. Not even mildly. He was rude, uninformed, and immediately said the wrong thing to this mother and her 23 year old daughter.

"A famous cardiologist went on a hunting trip to Cameroon and got malaria and died" is what he said. I looked at him and said, "Well, thanks for that..."

The nurse look horrified that he would even say that. Then he wanted to know all about who diagnosed her and all and didn't really get to the point of the problem. The nurse helped explain things better when he left. Apparently since the hemoglobin was down, it can cause the cells in the liver and spleen to swell a little more. But she assured us that she was OK. It is a vicious cycle right now. But she did help us feel better.

At 9PM they gave her the starter dose of Malarone which consisted of 4 pills. She will take 1 pill tonight and 1 more pill Wednesday night and hopefully go home Thursday or Friday. If her numbers keep going in the right direction.

Almost immediately after the dose of Malarone, she began vomiting and Melissa's spirits plummetted quickly. For the next 3 hours I had to pray, quote scripture, sing, rub her back and rub her arm.

I had her close her eyes and told her to picture Jesus at the head of her bed reaching down and touching her.

Reaching down and breathing healing into her body.

Reaching down and breathing new life into her spirit.

I could feel Him. He was there.

I began singing softly. "He is here, hallelujah. He is here, Amen. He is here holy, holy. I will bless His name again. He is here, listen closely. Hear Him calling out your name. He is here. You can touch Him. You will never be the same."

I text my friend and had her sing with me. Melissa fell into a peaceful sleep for awhile. I was afraid to stop or even move. So I sat and sang and sang and sang..... And the tears flowed.

I felt Him. I welcomed Him. I leaned back against Him and I melted in His embrace.

When Melissa woke this morning, she thanked me for stroking her head. I told her it wasn't me, but her Savior.....

Once again, He covered us. Once again, He tucked us safely in the cleft of the rock.

Praise you sweet Jesus. I love you ever so much.

Update for this morning -

**Liver counts a little higher (but not to worry says Dr. P)
**Platelets ??? 51,000!!! Yes - they are steady coming up and that is a good thing! Dr. P teased her and told her she was getting way too many... ha! only 74,000 to go!
**Potassium low - so she got a wonderful and tasty potassium cocktail which promptly made her sick....
** We are out of ICU! Yes! She is in her own room! Thank you Jesus!

She is resting well this morning. A little nausea and very weak, but in good spirits. Nothing like a touch from Jesus to perk you up!

Thank you so much for the prayers!



Loren said...

Oh Beth ~

Yes HE is there with you and is moving IN you as well.
Doctors are just so unbelievable sometimes and I am so sorry you had to hear that from him. Lies and doubt and fear. Just what the enemy wants you to hear BUT he loses everytime and will be defeated!

You and Melissa are more than conquerors!
Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us! Rom 8:37

I love you and am praising HIM for the numbers going up up up :)

Please give her a hug and wont stop praying. and hug yourself too my friend....

Wylie said...

I'm so sorry about the doctor's insane comment. And so thankful that you did not give the enemy a foothold in it & carried on in Jesus' name. Yes, He is there! Halleujah! Praying for you today...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Wish I was there to poke that dr.'s eyes out... have mercy; apparently, he missed the bedside manner course while in school.

Keep me posted; I'll keep praying.


Thena said...

Prayerfully ya'll won't have to see that Doctor again. If so maybe you could ask him if knows our Jesus. Because our Jesus says by His stripes we ARE healed. He has breathed life into us not death. Praying for your strength as you are there with Melissa.

Misty said...

Sweet, sweet friend...the image of Jesus stroking Melissa's head - her tired, worn and sick body - brought tears to my eyes. How often I lie in bed at night and ask Him to wrap His arms around me and calm the hurt that tends to creep up on me when it is quiet and dark. Praise be to God that he is our Healer and our Provider, Our Comforter and our Refuge! So glad to hear that her numbers are coming up, and I will look to get an even better update soon! Still praying and sending my love!

mholgate said...

YES! Praise Jesus, for He is always with us! Glad to hear the report about being out of ICU. Thank you for keeping us updated through all of this.

My prayers still rise...

Tammy said...

Praise God!!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, my...what a terrible thing for that doctor to say! Thanking God for the nurse who explained everything to you.

Praising JESUS for His healing touch...I'm continuing to pray for Melissa, especially that the nausea and vomiting will go away. I'm praying for you, too!


petrii said...

Seriously just had a moment with Jesus as I read this. He is here hallelujah!!!

I will keep praying. You are so beautiful sweet Beth.

Love you sister,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Beth, I am so sure that more people in that hospital than you and your daughter realized that Jesus was there! I just know that you and your family are making an impact there with your testimony for Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus, please bless, heal and comfort Melissa and her family! Do a miraculous work in her life...both physical and spiritual. Amen.

God bless you all. Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord!! I have tears flooding my eyes reading your words of Jesus touching her head and your singing and ALL! I'm so praying for complete healing and I'm so praising God for the healing she's received so far. Blessings to you all! Hugs and love!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Beth...Thanks for the update. I will continue praying. Yes, we have a magnificent Savior, don't we?

rcubes said...

There would always be doctors like that...tactless...rude...

But what matters was your precious time with the faithful Doctor Who never leaves your daughter's side...

Glad to know that she is out of ICU...Praying for continued healing, both physical and mental. God bless.

Lisa said...

Praising God with you for His power, His presence and His healing. Lifting you all up in prayer!
Blessings ~ Lisa

Liesa said...

Praise the Lord...I have been praying for Melissa and for you, her doctors, nurses, and the rest of the family. I cannot imagine, but what a comfort to know God just proves Himself over and over again. Yes, dear friend, He is there! We are still praying. Love, Liesa

sonja said...

I think we had that doctor or one of his clones when my mom was in the hospital. Talk about a need for grace....I needed grace!
What a mother's heart is shining through on this posting! It just brought tears as I heard the love pouring out. We will continue to pray, and send hugs to both of you!

Every Day Blessings said...

Beth, I have not been on the blog for several days because our computer is dead. I just came to the library to check and read your blog. I am praying for your daughter. i am sorry that she is going through all this. We serve a mighty God and He has a plan, we are trusting Him completely. I am praying for your momma's heart. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! As I am reading this post, Beth, every word clings to the next and I read with such intensity because I feel Him there with you, through your words, and through the beautiful touch on Melissa's sweet head. Oh, I am out of breath in reading, but, oh, so grateful for His embrace.
May the doctor of last night come to know the LORD. I will be in prayer for him. And he truly does need bedside manner lessons as so many other doctors do! Thank goodness, some have learned.
Hallelujah for out of ICU, for increase in platelets, for 'tasty' potassium drinks! Melissa is in my prayers as are you. I also have thought about your family down from Colorado and was glad to see that they could come to the hospital and see you. Hope you had a little time with them while they were here. What a beautiful gift and surprise for you and your husband!
I love you, ~ linda

Edie said...

Oh Praise God that she is getting better! This brought tears to my eyes. Still praying with you. Much love my friend!

Nancy M. said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading this! Up an down, it has got to take it's toll on her. I cannot believe that doctor. He was so tactless! Praise the Lord she's getting there little by little! You are a wonderful companion for Melissa during her trials!


Another day to say,
"Don'tcha just LOVE HIM SO???"

Oh - I could feel His touch when I read your words. He was pleased with you singing and reading Scripture over Melissa! He loves us to take Him at His Word and trust HIM. THEN........ He comes through in a gentle whisper - with arms as big as a gizzly bear!

Love you, Stephanie

Nana Jul said...

Praise God for the increase in numbers, and out of ICU!! He is there with you both!! Yes indeed He is! Oh how He shines through your posts and updates! Keeping you all lifted to the Lord Most High! Lean back against Him!! He is an Awesome God!!
Thanks for the update!

LisaShaw said...

Continuing to pray and trust GOD for Melissa's COMPLETE HEALING and RESTORATION in the NAME OF JESUS! Love you Sister!!!