Monday, December 7, 2009

Now there stood by the cross....

"Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother..." (John 19:25)

The cross

Mary's baby
Fully God
Fully Man

His mother
highly favored
a virgin

There stood by the cross... His mother

Oh, Mary, did you know?

You would be highly favored and blessed among woman?

You would conceive of the Holy Spirit and bring forth a Son, Jesus?

That precious baby you birthed would the King of kings?

Mary, did you know that the angelic toddler you nurtured would one day be Lord of lords? 

That his first faltering steps would be the beginning of the walk to the cross?

That the little boy you watched grow in wisdom and stature would be the Savior of the world?

That your Son would perform miracles and wonders?

Mary, did you know that your precious child would be the deliverer for all?

That he would be betrayed, beaten, mocked and crucified?

Once, you stood by his cradle watching, rocking and filled with joy.

Then you stood by the cross watching, helpless and filled with pain.

How your heart must have been aching...

Your heart and Your Son.

Both wounded and bleeding.

Both betrayed and dying.

Both broken.

Your beloved Son... God's beloved Son..

Oh, Mary did you know?

That He would one day reign victorious? Seated at God's right Hand.

He is mighty to save.
God with us.

"Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother..."

"Jesus, I praise you for what you accomplished for me on the cross. I thank you for the sacrifice you made and the pain you bore. Thank you for loving me and becoming the redemption for my sins. I am so unworthy but I am ever so grateful. You are merciful and mighty. I praise you for who you are. I praise you for what you did. Thank you for salvation. Thank you for the cross."


Thank you for your continued prayers for Melissa.
 She is still very weak and very tired. She is still juandiced. We took her back today for blood work and hope to have results tomorrow. Her doctor called today to check on her. We will also go back Thursday for blood work and to see Dr. Parker.  He said this could take a month to get her completely back on her feet. We appreciate your ongoing prayers for her!



Andrea said...

You have another award on arise 2 write.

Nana Jul said...

Being a mom is tough, being the mom of Jesus...I just couldn't imagine being at the foot of my son's cross. Talk about having to walk by faith..whew.
Melissa is still being prayed for, and you too, woman of strength! God is ABLE!!

Irritable Mother said...

Seems like more than a woman could handle.
More joy AND more pain.
I have often wondered how amazing Mary's relationship with God the Father must have been!

sonja said...

I have so often thought of this. How being the mother of Jesus required of Mary an obedience to God that we as mothers can hardly stand to think about. God knew Mary and Joseph, knew their hearts, and called them to this mission. What an example of love, because of HIS love in their hearts.
Thank you Beth, this was a beautiful way to begin the day.
Prayers for Melissa continue!

Beth E. said...

Another beautiful post, Beth! I can't imagine the anguish Mary went through, knowing what her son was facing...having to witness his crucifixion...It's painful just to think about.

I continue to pray for Melissa!


Yolanda said...

I am so thankful for the Word of God and the encouragement that it brings to me daily. You are a source of encouragement as well, and I continue to pray for Melissa's healing. Love to you!

LisaShaw said...

Thank you for sharing this..precious and powerful. I'm thankful so thankful for the LORD and I can't, as a Mother and Grandmother, even fathom what Mary must have felt but GOD's grace and love rested with her powerfully to walk the journey that she had to with her precious Son...our Lord and Savior.

Love you Beth.

Nancy M. said...

You are such a great writer! I'm still praying for Melissa!

Nancy said...

Your post was utterly deep and lovely. All I can say is Amen.

Thank for your update on Melissa. I will continue to pray.

Faith Imagined said...

Another beautiful and powerful post! You are such a gifted writer!

Sending prayers to Melissa!


And you got a little taste of what Mary felt as you've gone through this recent journey with Melissa. Her outcome was PRAISE at what God was doing - even through the toughest of times! May ours be the same in every situation He takes us through!

Loved the wording of this post!

I have one word in response...


Choosing [while pondering] JOY,

sanjeet said...

Talk about having to walk by faith..whew.
Melissa is still being prayed for, and you too, woman of strength! God is ABLE!!

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