Monday, February 1, 2010

He calls my name.

Sleep aludes me,
tossing... turning...

Once again He awakens me.
Stirs my soul.
Tests my obedience.
Calls my name.

The warmth beckons
and my body cries out for rest.

He persists..
My heart listens and I rise.

I open the Word and I search.

Searching for that hidden treasure that
He so lovingly breathed into His Word.

Seeking that which comes from Him.

Each page I turn and each scripture I read,
reiterates the power of God and who He is.

"I am the Lord, keep my statutes.
Obey my commands and
walk in my ways"

Yes, Lord...
You are the way.
You are God.

Oh, Lord You are Sovereign and Holy.
Matchless in might.

My spirit ponders.

Am I walking in His ways?
Am I begin obedient and following
His commands?

I sit still in His Presence.
Feeling His Peace.

The quiet and stillness are heavy
with the energy generated by
His Holy Spirit.

The air is filled with sweet expectancy.

As I close my eyes, I feel
Him settling deep in my soul.

I feeling the longing building
in my heart.

Stirring emotion in the depths of my heart.

He whispers sweet words of comfort.
Sweet words of encouragement.

His love enfolds me and wraps me in a tight embrace.

I open the ears of my heart and listen closely
for His voice.

The silence is filled with expectancy and the air
becomes heavy with His Presence.

His love sweeps over me and I tremble
at His touch.

I rejoice in Him.
Marvel at His Majesty.
I glory in His Name.

My spirit stirs and I feel such longing
for my Jesus.

Speak to me, Lord.

Show me. Lead me. Guide me.

In Your ways. In Your statutes.

In righteousness.

Stir my soul.
Call my name.

I am yours.




Wylie said...

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Andrea said...


SusanD said...

This is beautiful, and beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Alleluiabelle said...

Oh Beth...Reading each word here, I felt it all with you...each word building upon the other to a culmination of overwhelming love, peace, comfort and joy for Him, in Him, with Him. I tremble with you in the presence of His radiance and His splendor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing to this place with Him right now. I love you writing, your prayers and you my precious sister.

Peace & Hugs,

Tammy said...

Beautiful and your words always speak to me.
This word 'expectancy' has been crossing my path, alot lately.

Nana Jul said...

He is Glorious!! I just smile reading the beauty of the words poured out of your heart.
Thank you Beth...Awesome!

Yolanda said...

Beth, that is exactly what I desire, to allow myself to be all His. To allow Him to truly be my Lord.


Anonymous said...

I love this - and I so desire this. I am trying to get to this point but struggle due to past issues in my life. It's so hard to "be still" by myself - in my own company - but yet I am not alone am I? God is always near...

Sassy Granny ... said...

How incredible the words of the heart. How beautiful, too. I believe you speak for many of us in your cry to/for Him - that he would summon us because we are His. What greater joy?


Denise @ A Sacred Longing said...

"Stir my soul. Call my name. I am yours."

Breathless this leaves heart cries the same.

In His grace,

sonja said...

The prayer of the heart, so beautifully expressed here Beth.

It's the quiet longing of our soul, and these words say it so well.

Blessings Beth,

Beth E. said...

What a beautiful poem, Beth!

I've seen several posts today speaking about trusting God, obeying Him, listening to His voice, spending time with Him...this is confirmation of all that I have read! I love it when He sends the same message to so many people. :-)


Pia said...

such a sweet surrender. beautiful!

lisasmith said...

absolutely beautiful! i can totally relate.this is how He beckons me. I love that!!

Jackie said...

Oh Beth.....Thank you for these beautiful anointed words.....Words full of Him....Words leading my heart closer and closer into His presence....basking in His Glory....Resting upon His shoulders.....Oh His radiance and His splendor.....Love....Amazing Love..

Thank you dear sister.....I needed these anointed, glory filled words this morning..

Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Gorgeous words!

Faith Imagined said...

Absolutely magically poem! I love, love, love it!!! I especially adored this line, "As I close my eyes, I feel Him settling deep in my soul."

Thank you for blessing me with your beauitful words!

-Alisa Hope

Nancy M. said...

Beautiful words!

Cindy said...

The words drew me in to where I wanted to be there. Blessed!

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