Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another fabulous Thankful thursday with Greg

I am thankful for Greg at Greg's general store - he hosts this awesome Thankful Thursday post and I am so grateful and honored to be part of it. Thank you Greg!

I am thankful that God speaks. Oh, friends I have heard people say that He doesn't speak to them and I just think they aren't listening! God speaks in so many ways. When the thunder roars, God is speaking. When the water rushes over the banks, God is speaking. When the lightning flashes, God is speaking.

"The voice of the LORD is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The LORD is over many waters. The voice of the LORD is powerful; The voice of the LORD is full of majesty" (Psalm 29:3-4)

I am thankful that God is Omnipotent. He is all knowing - all power - all seeing. I just praise Him that He is in control of all things, knows all things and can do all things. I will do my best to serve Him and honor Him all the days of my life. He is so worthy. Even in His omnipotence, He speaks.

"And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, 'Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!" (Revelation 19:6)

I am thankful that God 's Word is Forever. His Word is for yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is an on-time God. He is never late. He has a perfect and ordained time for everything and it is always the RIGHT time.

"The grass withers, the flower fades, But the Word of our God stands forever" (Isaiah 4:8)
I am so just so thankful that we serve a mighty God. We serve a loving God. We serve a God that lives! He has been so good to me and I am so thankful for the mass of mercy and grace He has given me in my 47 years. He is worthy of ALL my praise and I will lift my voice in thanksgiving to Him as long as I have breath.

Captivated by Him,


NanaNor's said...

Morning blessings to you, I love this TT post-and I echo your words of gratefulness.
Have a joyous day!

WalkingwithHIM said...

Amen \o/

I am so thankful that He saved me, changed me, is continualy growing me and using me ...

Angel Muly said...

Me too sister!! Love this post and all the reminders you give me. All the nudges! I sure am thankful I found you! Love you

Nana Jul said...

Oh yes....He Speaks!! So thankful for a "living" God...who loves us and called us and annointed us!
What an Awesome God we serve!
Thank you Lord for speaking through Beth!!

Nancy M. said...

Another great list of thankful things! We are so blessed!

angelonwheels said...


Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Happy mother's day to you Beth!

LisaShaw said...

Praise the Lord!

Beth, came by to wish you a blessed Mother's Day. Praying for you and your dear family.

Much love.

Nancy said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy Mother'd Day.

cindy said...

Love your post.

sanjeet said...

ove this post and all the reminders you give me. All the nudges! I sure am thankful I found you! Love you
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