Thursday, May 27, 2010

time to be thankful on thursday...

I am thankful for Greg at and his dedication to this wonderful theme of thankful thursday. We need to be thankful all of the time, but it is nice to have one day set aside to dwell on the goodness of our God! Thanks Greg!

I am thankful for my (older!) sister and my precious mom. I got to spend some time with them a few weeks ago and it was so nice. I am thankful that God gave me such a wonderful family and I am thankful that all of us know Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord. There is nothing that gives peace to my heart more than to know that when this life on earth is over, we will see each other in eternity! Thank you, Jesus for that promise in your Word.

I am thankful for the water of Life. I am thankful that when we drink of it we will NEVER thirst again.

"but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will
never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will
become in him a fountain of water springing up
into everlasting life."
(John 3:14)

Thank you Jesus for being the only thing that we need. When we have You, we have everything. You supply all our needs. You satisfy our thirst for all eternity.

I am thankful that Melissa made it safely to Bolivia yesterday morning. She is very tired, as they traveled all night and morning, but she is so excited to be back in Santa Cruz. She has such a love for the people and the country. I am thankful that God provided the funds for her to go and be a witness for Him.

Lord, help me to always have a thankful heart. Help me to never take any of my blessings for granted and help me to be able to see blessings in disguise. You are so good to me and I am just so grateful that You reached down and rescued me from my life of sin. Thank you, Lord.


Yolanda said...

What a blessing you are to your family as well. Loving, living, learning.....lavishly with the love of Jesus.


Cricket said...

I love the picture you shared of your sister and is so sweet. Love your list...thinking maybe I need to start this once again! Love ya

Andrea said...

We all have so many blessings...thank you for sharing your blessings with each of us.

Heart2Heart said...

Please stop by my blog today for another Urgent Prayer request, this time its for my family.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Angel said...

Oh Beth, I love your thankful list. Love the picture of your mom and sister. You are always such a breath of fresh air and your thankfulness is contagious!! Love and Blessings to you!!

Nana Jul said...

Isn't it wonderful to know your family knows Jesus! That is such a HUGE blessing! You and your sister look so much alike! Your Mom has a beautiful smile, that's where you get it from :) And Thank God He is our Thirst quencher!! HE IS Everything we need. Praying Melissa gets enough rest to stay healthy, and to see the Lord move in Bolivia!
Love ya sista!

Greg C said...

Wow you and your sister look a lot alike. Thank you Beth for sticking with me on my Thankful Thursday posts.