Friday, May 28, 2010

things He has shown me...

God has been revealing some things to me lately. Most of them are things that I already knew, but perhaps wasn't living like I knew them. I pray that maybe one of them ministers to your hearts today in some way. If we learn something from our Lord, I feel like we should share it with others as a testimony to what He is doing in our lives.

Things God has shown me recently:

1. That who I am in Him is far more important than 'who I am'.

If I am not living a life that glorifies Christ, than my life is for naught. I was created for His glory. I don't need to be concerned about 'making a name for myself', but for making a name for Him and His glory.

2. That fear is a powerful stronghold that the enemy uses to hold me captive. I need to face those fears and let Him loose the chains that bind.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power
and of love and of a sound mind"
2 Timothy 1:7

3. That I can easily let material things become an obsession. God isn't concerned about outward appearances, like a picture perfect house or expensive wardrobe. He is concerned about the state of our hearts.  My desire is to be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ.

"For whom He foreknew, He also predestined
to be conformed to the image of God"
Romans 8:9

4. There is no such things as secondhand faith. We have to discover the truth of God's Word for ourselves and not be dependent upon what other people have gleaned through His Word. Although it is important to broaden our knowledge with books and study helps, we need to make sure that we listen for God's voice to speak to us and to search His Word for our own, personal, firsthand encounter with Him.

5. Prayer is vital to our relationship with our Lord. If we skimp on our prayer lives, the neglect will clearly show in our daily walk. Prayer is the foundation for communing and growing in Him. It is the way that we enter into His presence and hear His voice. Failure to communicate with Him makes us weak and ineffective. If satan can interrupt our prayer lives, we play right into his hand and leave ourselves vulnerable to attack.

"Pray without ceasing"
1 Thessalonians 5:17

6. In order to heal, we need to forgive. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is forgive someone when we have been wronged. We want vindication and we want the other person to KNOW they were wrong. We want them to know that it wasn't all right that they hurt us.

But God whispers to our hearts, "Forgiving doesn't make IT all right, but forgiving makes YOU all right."

Thank you, Lord, that you continue to reveal new things to me daily. Thank you for being patient with me when you have to show me things again and again. I am so grateful for your loving mercy and grace in my life. Help me to take the things I am learning and use them to strengthen my walk and strive to go deeper still with you.

Ever Captivated by Him,


Denise said...

You are right Beth, we are a similar paths! :O) These 6 points are a continuing conversation with God in my life. I love how God when He desires to make His voice known - reaffirms in so many ways.

Grace to you!

Misty said...

Absolutely wonderful post! This post fits right in with what Craig Groeschel talks about in the "Christian Atheist" - I can assure you that the book will greatly bless you. Just a side note: several years ago I was home sick on a Sunday morning. I was flipping through channels and wound up hearing the last few minutes of what seemed to be a wonderful sermon and made a comment to Hubby about being interested in hearing more from this particular pastor. Just a few days ago, as I was reading the front and back flaps of the "Christian Atheist" I saw that pastor's picture - he is the author of this book! His preaching style was much like his writing style - easy to follow and attention-grabbing without drama. It's like a conversation with a close (and very blunt :) friend. I find it hard to put the book down most of the time! (Even at night when I'm ready for bed! :)

Love you, sweet Friend and I am glad that our paths have crossed. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Nana Jul said...

#4 directly speaks to me...seeking him and LISTENING for his voice. Listening for His Whisper. And telling others what he's done in my life, come and see what the LORD has done - all for HIS Glory!
Sparkling...if I'm not sparkling, others won't see HIM and come to Him.
Thanks Beth for sharing His work in definitely Sparkle!
Love ya sista!!

Barbara said...

Amen, you are so right on path dear, another lady in my way of thinking, lots of hugs, and may we all hear him, and follow him in all his ways. Hugs Barbara

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

AWESOME post! Have a blessed weekend!

Kathy C. said...

Beth, I needed to read this today. Thank you so much for always opening up your heart and pouring it out. It seems that whenever I pop over here, my heart is spoken to.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Just as it's true that people who seek Him, find Him; people who listen to Him, hear Him. It's apparent your ear is bent in His direction, and your heart too.

Thank you for sharing such precious insights.


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness. I am speechless. I just came upon your blog today, and when I read this post I felt SO convicted! Prayer, fear, and forgiveness ... all spoke deeply to me. Thank you for this post.

Have a great weekend!
~ ~

Tammy said...

Yep,there was a couple of things I needed to be shown. God sure does use you in my life!

love and hugs~Tammy

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks for the encouragement to me as I continue to walk with Him...and let him mold me. Yes, always going back to what I know but may not be walking out.

Jen said...

I don't have a whole lot of time to comment, but please know that your list hit my heart in several places!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

#4 particularly speaks to me right now... no secondhand faith over here. I spent a great many years relying on other people's faith/knowledge, without ever really experiencing its depth on my own.

Oh, and #3... about the "interior" work of our hearts as opposed to the exterior... I want to dress myself in kingdom attire each day to impress my God; not man.

Reading these heightens my desire to have a good, soul friend to share life with... I need a face to face encourager, like yourself, that will buoy my faith along. I don't have that in my life right now. That may seem surprising to you, but I long for a coffee, Bible study buddy that will strengthen me and mentor me in this season.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and spending some time with me. Have a good week! Both of my sons are heading to Bolivia on the 16th of June and will miss our move. I'm excited for them to go, especially my younger son who's never been. Prayers please.


Jamie said...

Wow Beth, all of these spoke to me, especially the first ones. When I was younger I thought it would be so easy not to worry about materialism when I got older. Now that I am older, I realize how powerful the struggle can be even though I don't want it to be. I need to let God reign.

Thanks for sharing this list!

GrammyGoo said...

Thanks for sharing Beth. Number 4 & 5 really spoke to me . We have got to have God's Word. Andopen lines of communication with the Lord.
Hugs, Ella

Redeemed By His Love said...

Oh, dear! Beth, have you been peeking over my shoulder? (SMILE)
I have had these same ones brought to my heart, too.
Thank you for being blessing. I have missed you.
Blessings & hugs,

sanjeet said...

I love how God when He desires to make His voice known - reaffirms in so many ways.
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