Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do we serve a great God or what???

Congratulations to Angel Mully - she is the winner of the "How Great is our God" dvd. I pray that it just blows her away just like it did and still does to me and my husband each time we watch it. May God speak mightily to you through it my friend. May the greatness of Him just fall afresh on you when you see it.


And while we are on the subject of just how great our God really is, I have some fabulous, miraculous news. Remember Chelsea? For those who are not part of my prayer blog -  - let me fill you in on the details. Back on February 12th of this year, Chelsea (18) was hit by a car. She had come upon a car on the side of the road and had stopped to see if she could help. That is the kind of person that Chelsea is - always wanting to help. Well, after she saw that help was on the way, as she was crossing back over the highway to get in her vehicle , a car coming around the curve didn't see her and hit her. No brakes. No slowing down. Just hit her going about 55 mph. It is nothing short of a miracle that Chelsea even survived the impact. Her family was given NO hope at the hospital that night. They have been given little hope since that day.

Since the accident, she has been in a coma and pretty much unresponsive up until just a few days ago. About a month ago, it became apparant that there was nothing more the hospital could do for her. They had taken her off the venilator and besides the feeding tube, wasn't hooked up to anything, but she had still not shown any signs of waking up. The family has tried to get her in rehab in many places here in Louisiana to no avail. They had been turned down by every place that they applied to. No rehab center, no nursing home, no place would take her. Because she wasn't responsive enough.

Within the last week, Chelsea has made amazing strides. She waved to the OT one day last week. They were astounded. She began doing a thumbs up when the nurses would come in. She has started to wake up. A few days ago when her boyfriend came in, she took his hat off of his head and put it on hers. Now, tell me that Our God isn't Great!  And yesterday, she got accepted into a rehab center in New Orleans. Today, the ambulance service from here in our parish transported her from Shreveport to New Orleans. Tonight? They met with the doctors and were given good news for the first time in a long time. God is working a miracle in Chelsea's life. God is doing what only He can. He is showing Himself mighty and He is getting all the glory.  Can I get a HUGE AMEN??

Folks, we serve an awesome God. We serve a great God. He is mighty and powerful and huge and amazing and incredible. He is indescribable. Uncontainable. Unlimited. He is God.

Continue to pray for Chelsea and her family.


I just have to tell you what just happened. As I was typing this a young man and his wife called and needed to talk to my husband. Everybody in this small town knows Jimbo and knows he is a pastor - they even call him 'Preacherman'. Well, this young couple has had some problems lately and these problems have just caught up with them.. Well, tonight, they both humbly repented and just accepted our precious Lord into their lives to be their Savior! Now, just how awesome is that? They were both so excited and so ready to go forward with God. They have 2 small children and they want to raise those babies to know Jesus! I am just so thankful that God drew them in and that we were available and that the Holy Spirit fell! Please lift these new christians up  in prayer - AJ and Arzu.

Now.... do we serve a great God or what??????

"Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You"
Jeremiah 32:17

Oh, God, we give you such honor and praise tonight for Chelsea. Lord, I give you praise for all the miraculous things that you have done in so many lives. You just blow our minds, oh God. Your glory just falls and covers us and we are transformed in your Presence. We just sit at your feet and worship you tonight. Lord, we come humbled and honored that You love us so. Thank you for your sweet mercy. We love you and praise you with all that we are.




Angel Muly said...

Oh WOW, I am so excited!!! I can't believe I won, I wanted to so bad, I can't wait to watch it.

Didn't know about your friend, what a miracle. Will definitely be praying for her and her family. What an awesome God we serve!!
Love and Blessings, Angel

Misty said...

Praise the Lord! :)

Love you, friend! Thank you for your prayers and your sweet are so greatly appreciated! <3

Beth E. said...

What wonderful things to celebrate! Yes, we do, indeed, serve an awesome God!

Loren said...

Oh Beth !!! This is sooooo wonderful!! I am just praising the Lord...doing the dooda dance !!! We serve a MIGHTY GOD and HE is STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS TODAY!!! Chelsea's family must be beside themselves seeing such a miracle!

So happy for Angel too :)

Love you Beth!!!! give that sweet family a hug from your fellow blogger! So happy to have them join the family of Christ :) JOY UNTO THE LORD IN YOUR HOUSE TONIGHT!!!

Lynda Young said...

Reading this post made me weep with joy at how awesome our God truly is. Thank you, thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...


God is GOOD all the time!!!

WOW. We serve an awesome, awesome God!

Nana Jul said...

Absolutely GREAT!! Praise God for working in Chelsea...What an Incredible testimony!! And the Angels in heaven are rejoicing over the couple who accepted the Lord, along with all of us!! Our God is Great, and Greatly to be Praised! Rejoice bring good news! And I'm rejoicing with you!
God bless you in all you do!!

Yolanda said...

Praise You Father, Praise YOU!!!

mholgate said...

There is none like Him in heaven or on this earth!

I had some really sweet times with my dad on my trip, and he made it through his first surgery just fine. The surgeon was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


Faith Imagined said...

We do serve a great God! Awesome news on Chelsea! I love hearing about medical miracles!

Praise God for the young couple! You and your hubby must be a wonderful blessing to your town!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Who says miracles no longer occur?!! From healing to salvation, our world is rocked when God reveals Himself so powerfully.

Thank you for sharing these amazing testimonies. He is incredible!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amen! Amen! What wonderfully beautiful stories, my friend. I was going to email you to place my husband's great niece on your list as she thought she had a major complication with the skull/brain surgery of 1 1/2 weeks ago. Rushed her to ER to find that the leakage was not spinal fluid but a weeping of the wound. They gave her an antibiotic and sent her home. We are praising the LORD and singing Hallelujah! tonight!
Will keep Chelsea and others in prayer.
loving you, ~ linda

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Stacey Dawn said...

I'm all tingly with goosebumps! Yahoo and AMEN!!!!!!

sanjeet said...

What wonderful things to celebrate!
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