Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jesus, our source of life

Our source of hope.
Our source of life.

When nothing makes sense.
When nothing else can...

We have Jesus.

Running to Him
           in desperation.
Embracing Him
         and His love.
Feeling the power
            of His goodness.

Oh, envelop us God.
Cradle us in your mighty Hand.

Speak life to us.
Bestow us with your mercy.

Drench us with your grace.

Fall like fire on our heads.

Consume us...
Change us....
Be glorified in us.

Our source.
Our life.
Our all.

A few weeks ago, I was sent a copy of Sandi Patty's new book that I was to read and then post a review about on my blog. "The Edge of the Divine" is what I call an "easy read". Filled with light humor and stark honesty, it managed to keep my attention throughout its entirety.

I enjoyed reading about her life and I feel like her message is one that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. I did get a little bogged down in too much detail about her children's lives and about a ring that she kept losing and finding. Much of the book was about her 80-lb weight loss and how she went from a life that was spiraling downward to one that was looking upward to Christ.

If you are looking for a book that is filled with spiritual insights and one that will serve to deepen your christian walk, you won't find it here. There were times when I felt like the scripture references she used were put in place as afterthoughts instead of being the springboard for her journey.

In this book, you will find an enjoyable story about a woman at a crossroad in her own life and how she goes about making the right turns to get back on track with God. She did make one statement at the end of the book that spoke to my heart. A statement about our belief in God. About our race toward that finish line. A statement about putting our trust and faith in Him.

 She says, "Jesus doesn't say it'll be easy, just that it'll be enough".  That statement alone made reading this book well worth my time. 


BECKY said...

Sounds interesting, Beth, but I'm like you...I read pretty much only what I think will truly give me new insights and teach me something! And of course, the best read of all, the Word. {smile}

May your Sunday be full of praise and joy!

Loren said...

great review and very honest! Thank you for sharing! For only the Lord is all you have shared and described! Praise His Holy Name

Pray you are having a blessed weekend

I love you

Stacey Dawn said...

Just might have to check that one out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I will get a copy of this book.Sandi Patty is one of my favorite Gospel singers.

Thena said...

Great review. I love listening to her on the Gaither videos.

angelonwheels said...

Enjoyed the review, Beth, but I have so many books. I need to read. I think I'll be reading until the day I die lol

Yolanda said...

Consume us...
Change us....
Be glorified in us.

Yes Lord, oh yes indeed.

With love,

Steph T. said...

So glad you gave that review and I appreciate your insight and honesty!
Love the quote..