Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do we Seek His Presence?

"And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD among the trees of the garden" (Genesis 3:8)

If anyone ever told us that we had at one time or another hidden ourselves from the presence of God, our first reaction would most likely be one of shock and denial. Surely we haven't ever been guilty of separating ourselves from His presence! No way!

Why on earth would we not want to be in His presence at any given chance? Certainly we wouldn't hide from Him on purpose. Would we?

Truthfully, we have all at one time or another, hidden ourselves from the very presence of our God whether we realized it at the time or not.

Have you ever been in church and started daydreaming just a bit while the pastor was preaching?

Have you ever spent too much time watching the clock rather than listening to the Word of God be preached?

Have you ever just not joined in the singing during praise and worship because you just didn't feel like singing that day?

Have you ever been in worship and when the words to the song you were singing stirred your heart to the point that you felt the urge to lift your hands high to the Lord and truly worship but you didn't because you were embarrassed?

Have you ever neglected to read your bible for one reason or another?

Have your ever been asked to accept a position of leadership in your church and declined because you didn't feel "led" or just didn't have the time?

When we have been guilty of any of these instances, we have in essence hidden ourselves from the awesome, mighty, powerful presence of God.

If we neglect to spend time in the Word of God - we are hiding from God's presence.

When we don't serve the Lord with our whole heart as well as with a willing heart, we are hiding from God's presence.

We have to be continually equipping our minds and enriching our lives with knowledge of Him.

We need to be purposefully pursuing a passionate, real, intimate relationship with Christ.

We need to be desperately seeking His Presence.

We need to be actively searching for God.

We need to be consumed with everything about Him.

We need to be hungry for the bread, thirsty for the living water, craving the very manifestation of the Presence of God.

He is breath - He is life - He is God.

Seek His presence.

Precious Father, forgive me for the times when I have neglected to truly seek your presence. Forgive me for putting other things first. Forgive me for not always being obedient to the Truth of your Word. Help me to always remember that you are the most important thing in my life. Help me to pursue you with a passion and hunger so strong that nothing else will stand in my way. I love you with all my heart. I love you with all that consumes me. I praise you for your mercy and the grace you have shown me. And I thank you for your mighty and powerful presence in my life. I am desperate for You.



Following Him said...

I truly believe that we seek and crave his presence each day. We seek HIM in the Word. We crave HIM to Help us and we desire to be true to HIM. What a great post!

PS-I saw your comment on my blog. Popped over, started "following" you and added you to my blog list. What a great blog you have. I look forward to reading more :)


Well said my friend. It's good to search our hearts to be sure we are not closing a door to His Presence from time to time. There is nothing like the PRESENCE of Almighty God in our daily living - but as you pointed out - it doesn't come like a magic wand - it comes through prayer - through studying His Word and through a whole heart seeking after Him while He's pursuing us.

Key phrase you wrote:
"When we don't serve the Lord with our whole heart as well as with a willing heart, we are hiding from God's presence."

I will ponder this post and confess my hiding places to the LORD today. Thanks for your willingness to share it.

Choosing JOY,
[JESUS - The One I Worship]

Anonymous said...

I confess how often I hide from Him. Oh that I would strive to live in His presence always. Great post. Lots to chew on this beautiful day. Thank you....

cindy said...

This makes me realize just how far away I am from God.
Sometimes I just don't think I have the energy that it takes to worship our Savior. I believe in HIM, but struggle with worship.

does this make sense?

Lauren said...

so convicting ... thank you so much for sharing! This is something we should all ponder on and truly take a look at ourselves in the light of God's power...

Yolanda said...

Spot on!!!!

2 more days.....

Love ya,

LisaShaw said...

Beth, I'm all over this one dear friend. Speak speak speak! You are such an incredible blessing.

Love you.

Beth E. said...

This is so true, Beth! I do seek God's presence in my life. But, I admit, I have hidden from Him by not always making myself available when volunteers are requested in our church.

Thank you for an eye-opening post!

Faith Imagined said...

True, true, true!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Beth...this was so good! Made me want to get closer to God.

Hope you're having a good summer!


LisaShaw said...

Thinking of you precious.

The Burgess Family said...

well said, well said.