Friday, July 2, 2010

what a ride... what a God...

Tonight I finally did something that I have been promising my husband I would do for about 4 months now. I have been putting it off and putting it off. So, this evening, just on the spur of the moment, I took the plunge. I went against my better judgement. I put all my fears and misgivings aside and just bit the 'ole bullet.

I hopped on the back of my husband's Harley and we took a 25 mile trip to go eat with a precious couple from church. Yep, I just plopped that helmet on my perfectly fixed hair and threw my leg over the bike and settled in for the ride.

I was very skeptical at first. I had only been on the motorcycle one time when it was actually moving and that was for him to ride me around the church parking lot like he does the grandkids. I just couldn't see getting out on the open highway on  it. I just couldn't fathom going 55 mph on that thing! No way!

But then there I was, holding on for dear life and off we went. I didn't want him to go too fast. I was really thinking that I needed a seatbelt on that thing! I was trying to hold on to my fella and hold on to my helmet at the same time. The hair that was sticking out of the bottom of the helmet was whippin' around my face and into my eyes and I was trying to hold it back as well. 

Every time Jimbo would switch gears, it would jerk me forward and the front visor of my helmet would bump against the back of his. I could see his face in the mirror and I know he was getting aggravated! Every bump (pothole) we hit made me feel like I was about to be ejected off the motorcycle at any second. When a big semi-truck would pass us on the highway, I could feel the force push against us and it scared me every time! I was trying to enjoy the ride, but I kept thinking about there being nothing between the rode and me.  

Road kill smells bad when you're in a car. Road kill smells really, really bad when you are on a motorcycle. Yep, I finally learned to look ahead and hold my breath when we came upon road kill #3 and #4 and #5.... 

We finally got to the 'Waterfront Grill'. My legs felt like rubber as I half hopped off and half fell off the bike. I took my helmet off and upon looking in the mirror, was trying to decide whether or not I would look worse with my hair looking like it did or if I wore the helmet. I decided that people might look at me a little weird if I wore the helmet inside the restaraunt, so my hair just had to suffice. The wind-blown look would just have to do for now.

 (yeah.. this is what my hair looked like...)

After a fantastic dinner and great fellowship with our friends, it was time to head back home. Back on the bike. Helmet back on the head. Mounting the motorcycle once again and settling in for the ride. I think I enjoyed the ride back a little better. I still wasn't crazy about the sharp turns in the curves of the highway. I had to learn how to lean with my husband and not the opposite way. I kinda got the hang of holding on to the bottom of my hair and holding the strap of the helmet with the same hand, which still left me one hand free to hang on to him. Tightly.

It's hard to talk when you're on a motorcycle. The wind creates a lot of noise and it's very hard to hear, so I was just using that time to talk to God. I begin to pray for those on my prayer blog. It was such a sweet time with the Lord and I soon found myself lost in deep conversation and prayer.

As we neared the end of our ride, we came around a curve and as I glanced up at the sky, there was the most beautiful sight. God had painted the most perfect sunset. The sky was ablaze in gradient hues of pinks and oranges. It was a perfect blend of light, clouds and color. Breathtaking. Spectacular. Astounding.

The sun was beginning to sink below the horizon and as I watched, it slowly disappeared. I was almost awe-struck at the beauty of what I had just seen. God's glory had just been manifest in that sunset. He had used that work of His hand to remind me once again of His power. His awesomeness. His strength. His omnipotence.

Thank you, Lord for the daily reminders you give us of who You are. You are the Creator of all. You are mighty and powerful and merciful and gracious. You are the beginning of all things and the end of all things. You are the Father. You are the Son. You are the Holy Spirit. Thank you for showing me the manifestation of your glory. For reminding me that you are the one in control. I love you with all that I am. May I praise you and worship you and serve you all the days of my life.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Angel said...

Oh my, you are a braver woman than me!! I would have been truly terrified and I would have been praying too, begging my sweet Jesus to get me home safely!! Love the picture, messy hair, yes, but still beautiful!!!

I love the gift for God you speak of in the end. You are so right He shows Himself in different ways daily to remind us of His awesomeness and strength!!

Have a great 4th weekend!!

Love you my friend

Steph T. said...

Thanks for taking us on your ride! I felt like I was with you as you described it! Oh...they scare me to girl. And the hair...that is a crack up!
Looks like Jesus carried you thru the ride just great! Glad to see you doing something that your husband enjoys but is hard for you! You're a great wife!!

BECKY said...

Wow Beth, You are brave! I LOVE motorcycles...just not when I'm on one and sharing the same road with CARS!! HA!!

Love that God painted a special sunset to give you His peace and to inspire awe and wonder! What a blessing, huh?

Will you be riding more? {smile}

Have a wonderful Fourth of July gal!

Misty said...

Love it! :) Love YOU, my friend! God is indeed so very, very good...

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, When I was young-high school and college and very foolish-I loved riding motorcycles-but then we all rode without helmets. Wouldn't dare get on one now for fear of safety but sounds like your husband is a great driver(it's the others I worry about)and so glad you had a good time. Thanking the Lord for His angels.
Have a wonderful 4th.
Love, Noreen

Barbara said...

Giggles, oh yeah that looks like fun, glad you made it back safe and sound and just a tad mussed. have a very happy holiday, hugs Barbara

Yolanda said...

Adventure and adventurer. ;-)

Love to you

Maggie said...

I don't ever plan on riding a motorcycle, they scare me! You are so brave for getting on a motorcycle, I am sure I would be screaming the whole time, lol. I hope you have a great 4th of July!

I am new to your blog and following. I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


angelonwheels said...

What faith you have in more ways than one! I gave you a blog award over at my blog, but not sure how to link it to your site! Hope you enjoy anyway!

Jen said...

I rode on my father-in-law's bike one time. I have to say, there is much to be said about being able to enjoy a bike ride. There is so much control you have to give up when you are a passenger on the bike. But, what a rush, too! Kind of like our relationship with Jesus, too!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is son and daughter-in-law rode their motorcyle to the movie to meet us the other night....I thought that is good for them, they are 26 and no kids! LOL
I am so glad you joined your husband and enjoyed the ride...yea for you!