Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"For she said to herself, If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made whole" (Mathew 9:21)

There was no doubt in this woman's mind that all she needed was "just one touch". She didn't say that she needed to talk to Him, or that she needed Him to talk to her. No. All she needed was to touch Him. And not actually touch Him, but touch His garment. I love her phraseology here. If only.... I shall. Very cut and dried. Very direct. Full of Faith.

Oh, to have this kind of faith. I WANT this kind of faith. I long to have the absolute knowledge that if I only reach up and touch even just the hem of my Master's garment I will experience the cleansing of the Holy Spirit. Living Water will flow over me and I will be made whole! Yes! And then I wonder. Why would He do this for me?

When my girls were little and they desired my attention, and they were too little to vocalize their need, all they had to do was crawl or walk over to me and touch my leg. When I felt those precious little baby hands touch me, I would immediately reach down and scoop them up in my arms. Why? Because even only by their touch I knew they were there, I knew they were mine, I knew what they wanted and I loved them. Their action of "If only" became my response of "I shall".

That's how Jesus feels about us! If we are His, then He will recognize our touch. And when we touch Him - in prayer, in praise, in worship, in faith - He feels us, perceives our need and reaches down to scoop us up in His loving arms. Making us His. Making us whole. Praise you Jesus!

Oh, precious Father, help me to always remember the promise and power of your Word. Oh, how I Love your Word! Help me to live more in the present reality of who You are. I want to know you more deeply and more intimately. I seek you Lord. I seek your Holy Presence in my life. Give me strength. Give me wisdom. Give me the faith to say "If only...I shall".

In His Redeeming Grace,



Seeking Him, Megan said...

It's amazing how the relationship between a child and a parent parallels with our relationship with the Father. If only I could be as good a parent as Him!
Great blog, great insight into how He so readily responds to our needs.

Carolina Mama said...

What a great post. I'm in "If only I shall." Love that have a great day!

Armchair Housewife said...

Beth, What a beautiful post, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I've got you "followed" now so I can check out more of your blog.

I don't have children yet, but I do have the most precious little puppy dog. And sometimes when he stands on his back paws and places his paws against my legs, saying, "hey, pick me up or pay attention to me!" I think of the verses where Jesus says God is mindful even of the sparrows, and if He can be mindful of the little creatures of this world, how much more he knows and cares for us.

But I struggle with believing that, despite the sin I still struggle with, He wants to meet with me, wants to spend time with me. I still struggle with the idea of God as a critical Father, one who isn't interested in me if I'm not "perfect". Of course I know this is not true and by faith I grow more and more to trust Him, but it's a process of renewal of the mind for sure.

Have a blessed day and thanks for participating!