Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marking our territory

Do you remember when your kids were little and sometimes they would have the age-old argument "she's sitting in my chair!"? And as parents we would calmly explain to them that their names were NOT written on the chairs and it didn't matter who sat in what chair? Well, it seems my oldest daughter had been having this "discussion" at her house for the past few days with her 2 oldest blessings. It appears that Mikaela (6) has a favorite chair and that Eli (3) knows it is her favorite chair... After a few days of hearing "that's my chair" and saying, "Mikaela, your names are NOT written on your chairs", my sweet grandbaby decided to take matters into her own hands. So... yesterday when the argument began and my daughter said those famous words, Mikaela piped up, "yes they are mommy!". My daughter said she stopped in her tracks, took a deep breath and said, "excuse me?" Well.. guess whose names are INDEED written in marker on the wooden dining room chairs?? You got it... But Mikaela was quick to inform me, "it's not permanent marker, Nana".

I thought about this episode on my way home and it occurred to me that my precious grandbaby was just 'marking her territory'. She was letting everyone (Eli) know that was HER chair. It came to me that as Christians we need to start 'marking our territory'. We have to make sure that Christ is evident in our lives. We need to be willing to write it in marker! (Permanent marker). Our lives should be full of the outward evidence that Christ dwells in us. We should show an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Live our faith out loud. What a difference we could make in this world if we would all just mark our territory for Christ.

Oh, Lord, fill me up to overflowing with the power of your Holy Spirit. Let my life glorify You and edify You in all things. Thank you for your hand upon my life. Fill me, use me, teach me.

In His Redeeming Love,



Denise said...

This is too cute and so ingenious to think ahead and "mark her territory". You are so right, as Christians we need to mark our territories and be bold enough to let others know. Great post!

Seeking Him, Megan said...

When I read this, I laughed until I cried. It is so amazing that God can use my children to make such a powerful point in our lives. I don't know if I can bear to wash the names off the chairs now! I love you Mom!

MawMaws Dog House said...

I love this !! Our Grandchildren are originals !! Not too mention close listeners. We can all take a lesson from be bold enough to do whats necessary to stand out for Jesus, or our own chair!!

Kim @ My Journey said...

Oh that we would cover ourselves in permanent marker and then highlighters! Great post...