Monday, December 29, 2008

Making Memories

Just thought I'd post a few pics of what my 2 oldest grandyoungin's and I did Saturday. I had purchased a gingerbread snowman kit and we tackled it with full force. (of course, I thought it was an actual gingerbread man until Mikaela informed me otherwise!) I think Eli ate more frosting than he put on his snowman and he used a TON of sprinkles. He also took one last lick off of the bottom of the snowman before I dunked him and his sister in the tub. Mikaela had a great time also, but her long hair kept getting in the frosting so needless to say, she had a much needed hair washin' when I put them in the bathtub. We had tons of fun and that's all that matters. Price of gingerbread kit - $7.00. Making memories with my sweet grandbabies - priceless.
Loving my Jesus,


Anonymous said...

Beth, what fun! You and your grandkids made such wonderful memories!
I have such wonderful memories of my grandmother(that went home with Jesus some 17 yrs ago)! When I went with my family to visit her, she would get up early and go across the street and have coffee with her sister(my great aunt). If I heard her, I would get up and go with her. They would make me my own cup of coffee(prob. more cream than coffee) and I would listen to them talking. Always lively and many laughs! I also remember her making dumplings for her delicious blueberry cobbler!
I am sure you will treasure those moments with your grandkids.
Miriam :)

petrii said...

YAY for gingerbread "people" and gbabies!!!!! We spent all weekend with our little scoot and will get him again on New Years Eve ~~ WOOHOO!! Priceless indeed!!!

Have a Blessed week,

Yolanda said...


They are such cuties, and what fond memories you are building for them and for yourself!

From one Grandmother to another!!!