Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God has a Plan

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

It’s funny that things don’t ever seem to go as planned. We can have preconceived ideas in our mind about the way things will take place. We can even try to fit things into a certain formula. But truth is, things are going to happen the way God intends and the way God ordains. We don’t always understand them. We don’t always agree with them. We don’t always like them. His way is not our way. His way is the only way.

Two years ago when Ashlie had Bryton, she was only 17 years old. His birth was not the birth that we had all envisioned. He was early. He was born face-up. He was born with a lung infection. He was born with some heart problems. These things are not things I would have chosen for my daughter’s first entrance into motherhood. She didn’t even get to hold him before they whisked him off to the NICU where he stayed 7 days. It seems like when he was in there, everything that could go wrong did. His kidneys wouldn’t work. He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t seem to breathe without having episodes of apnea. He couldn’t regulate his temperature. But through it all, God was in control. God had mercy upon that precious little boy and he overcame every obstacle that was thrown his way. He is now an adorable, sweet, wonderful 2 year old.

Ashlie handled that situation with such grace. She handled it better than I think most 17 year olds could have handled things. She handled it better than her mother did!

I prayed that she wouldn’t have to endure that again. That moment of terrifying uncertainty when you know there is something going on with your baby, but you have no idea what it is. I wanted her to have the “normal” birth experience where you get to hold your baby right away and in a few hours you are able to nurse them and spend time with them. She wanted that too. Very badly.

But that is not what God had planned for her. Even though things didn’t go as WE had hoped - the way they DID go, didn’t surprise God. He knew what would take place. He also gave Ashlie (and the rest of us) the strength that was needed to endure this trying time once more.

Sawyer came into this world ‘sunny-side up’ just like his big brother did. It makes the birth a little harder. When he came out he was looking straight up at the doctor. But he also had fluid coming out of his mouth and his nose. When I heard him attempt to cry, I knew then something was not right. He just couldn’t get his lungs cleared out and was having trouble breathing. So off to NICU he went. Once again, Ashlie didn’t get to hold her newborn baby. She didn’t get to have that experience of cuddling with her little boy. Instead, she had to wait until they got him stable. Then she was able to go see him for about 15 minutes. She was able to look at him, but she couldn’t hold him. She couldn’t feed him. She couldn’t do all the things that mothers want to do for their babies. All the things that mothers are supposed to do for their babies.

But through it all, we have learned to lean on God for our strength. We have learned that when things don’t go as WE planned, it’s time to let go and let God take the reigns. It’s time to put our faith into practice. It’s time to make our theology our reality.

God is so good. He is my strength. He is my refuge. He is the Lord of my life.

I praise Him for His goodness and His mercy. I praise Him that Sawyer is doing so well. I praise Him that things that could have happened didn’t. I praise Him that Ashlie had a safe delivery and is doing fine. I praise Him that even though he is still on a little oxygen, he is breathing so much better. I praise Him that Ashlie and Cody got to hold him for the first time this afternoon. I praise Him that she will get to feed him for the first time in the morning. I praise Him for the many prayers that have gone up for Sawyer.

He is worthy of our praise.



Rilda Peel said...

Yes, We Thank Love and Bless You Father for what you have done are doing and going to do for this precious family. As you bring them closer to your bosom they discover the plans you have for them. All needed is given and as they receive power love and a sound mind they have bless it assurance you are so very near. Life in abundance! Breath your breath of life into this little one and as you hold Him in the palm of your hands, he gains strength and peace. In Jesus' Holy Name!! Lovingly, rilda *U*

Lisa said...

Praise You O God for the miracle of life and for your hand upon this precious family. Lead them, carry them if necessary through the coming days. You are so worthy of our Praise. Bless little Sawyer with strength and health. You are the only Physician he needs.
Blessings - Lisa


Oh - sweet Nana - and there are many many prayers going up for little Sawyer.

We could swop some granny stories big time especailly through deliveries. I'm not sure whether to dread them or wait with anticipation because so many of mine [too] have been with quite a scare.

I'm glad you are singing and clinging. Reminds me of:

Psalm 63:7-8
Because You are my help,
I sing in the shadow of Your wings.

My soul clings to You;
Your Right Hand upholds me.

Looking UPward and Choosing JOY and raising prayers on your behalf,
[In Flight]

Latte Lady said...

Thank you for that. I needed to hear that today.

Bless his little body, Lord.

A song is going through my head: Shaken

My soul finds rest in you
My fortress and my rock
My hope for life
My hiding place
My refuge and my God!

a cup bearer said...

So grateful little Sawyer is doing better. May he continue to grow in wisdom and strength and in favor with God and mam, because the Lord's plans for him are BIG!

Anonymous said...

Glory to God for all things...In the good and the bad!!!

I hope for many blessings for you, your children, and your grandchildren...Who knows maybe someday these two will be Dr's...maybe these two will be ministers...We don't know, but God does.

Tessa :)

petrii said...

I'm so thankful that Sawyer is doing better. I will be praying for this little warrior. He is a fighter, I can just tell it through your writings. I'll be praying for all of you as well.

Love you friend,

Sharon said...

Praise God he is doing just fine!!
This is well written my friend, he is the strength, he is all that we need.
I hope she is taking advantage of the rest for now. And you too :)

God Bless you all

Laurie said...

Thank you for sharing about your precious family. I am glad everyone is doing well and I will pray for little Sawyer. When I get a chance I hope to write about the experiences with my mom's health, which reminded me of your post. Things didn't go as we prayed, but in hindsight we see how God worked it all out perfectly and even better than we had asked! God bless you and your loved ones!