Wednesday, June 16, 2010

accidental or intentional?

"We don't walk in the Spirit accidentally - we have to intentionally pursue it"

As I was listening to Kay Arthur this week, she made this statement and it has just been running through my head over and over. The truth of it just really hit home with me and I can't seem to let go of it.

Walking in the Spirit is an intentional and passionate pursuit. Seeking more of Him. Searching higher. Digging deeper. Craving more.

It is an unsatiable hunger and thirst for intimacy with God.

It's about more than our salvation. It's about more than just knowing that we belong to Christ. It's much more than just head knowledge of our Savior. It's about our heart.

Acts 2:21 tells us, "that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved". But we don't just stop there. That my friends, is just the beginning of the amazing adventure of a life in Him. That is the springboard to what comes next.

We certainly need to be fully satisfied with God, but we should never be satisfied with where we are in our walk with Him. We should always be striving for more.

More knowledge.
More power.
More relationship.
More intimacy.
More Jesus.
Much more Jesus.

Much more.....

As we reach new heights in our walk, each level that we achieve should only serve to whet our appetites for the next one. Our excitement should build upon each new experience and each new milestone that we reach in our quest for more of Jesus.

We should be always increasing and broadening our spiritual relationship with Christ. Desiring  to walk worthy of our calling. Wanting more. Expecting more. Pursuing more.

Continually transforming ourselves into vessels to be used of Him and for Him. We should always be a work in progress. Realizing that we are nothing in ourselves but only through Him do we even begin to find our worth.

"Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything
as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God"
(2 Corinthians 3:5)

I fall so short of this truth. I fall short of His glory. Sometimes it seem like the harder I try and the more determined I am to walk in Him, the more my flesh rears its ugly head and I fail.

But it only makes me more determined to seek His face in all that I do. It gives me more desire to flesh out the Spirit-filled life that He desires for me. It pushes me toward the righteousness that is available to me through Jesus.

I am so thankful that God sent the Holy Spirit so that we could readily tap into that intimate relationship with Him. So we could pursue Christ with a passion.  So we can walk in the Spirit and so we can be intentional about our God.

Intentionally pursuing Christ,


Stacey Dawn said...


Nana Jul said...

What a Great word Beth! May each day be more intentional than the day before. May we start each day expecting to see HIM moving about our business, and may we be AWED by HIS presence!
Thank you Jesus for stirring our hearts through Beth. Do it Lord in us! In Jesus Name.AMEN!

Yolanda said...

Beth, it is like God allowed you to see into me. I am thankful for you and your heart, and your desire to share your walk with Christ, with us.


NanaNor's said...

Dearest Beth, I loved this post and I love seeing your hunger for more of Him. I stand beside you and say Amen for both of us. Yes, we must make it intentional to seek Him out, to focus on Him first above all else.
Have a blessed day my friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Anonymous said...

I completely agree...this is something that we have to intentionally pursue...

The season has came for me to leave an organization...I didn't know why...but that God was telling me to let it go...that it was becoming a stumbling block...But now I know what and where He is leading me...and it is something that I am going to have to pursue with my whole heart and with full truth-no matter if that truth is right or wrong...I have to be truthful...and I have to see where I need to pursue more...

Love ya

Heart2Heart said...


It is the deepest desire of my heart to get to my heavenly Father more each passing day.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Steph T. said...

Beth...your words always inspire me & move me to love God more...intentionally...I have been praying for Melissa also. Hope she is feeling better.

BECKY said...

Oh Beth! What wonderful truths! And Kay Arthur is my all time favorite lady Bible teacher. Beth Moore runs a close second, though!!

This is something that is constantly before me, and areas we can always, until we are in glory, improve in.

I know I fall so short myself, and truly desire
to be known by Him as a woman after His heart.

May it be so in both of our lives!
Awesome teaching, gal!
Thank you!
Big hugs,

prashant said...

Do it Lord in us! In Jesus Name.AMEN!
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Amazingly - God has had me in 2 Corinthians all week [in The Message Paraphrase again].

For me - it's really been about MORE INTIMACY with the FATHER - which comes by way of the Son and the Spirit and yes - you are so right - none of that MORE comes without our intentional pursuit HIM!

And knowing that He is intentionally pursuing me - makes for a perfect crashing into one another in a sweet embrace!!!

Choosing JOY in the MORE of HIM,