Monday, June 7, 2010

resting in His peace

These past few days have found me learning how to rest in His assurance. The assurance of His love. The assurance of His peace. The assurance of His presence.

I just love the way the Word of God is full of scripture that teaches us time and time again about peace. His peace. The peace that He alone gives us. The peace that is ours because of Jesus. The peace that He so desperately wants us, His people, to experience.

We can take a deep breath of His peace when we choose to surrender to His authority. When we choose to acknowledge that He is God. The Creator. Our Lord. Our Redeemer.

The river of peace that is ours to experience comes from our intimate relationship with God. Our obedient relationship with God. Through the power of His Word and the communion with Him in prayer, we can tap into the streams that are flowing with His unending peace.

That peace is what has been my saving grace these past few days. That peace is what has held me. That peace is what I have planted down deep in my heart and grasped with all of my strength.

In experiencing that wonderful, awesome, powerful peace of Christ, I have enjoyed His amazing presence. I am learning to trust in the assurance of His presence when the evidence of it isn't so readily recognizable. Learning to trust His Word. Learning to rely on what I KNOW from experience and choosing to BELIEVE what I know is the TRUTH. Choosing to BELIEVE He is with me because of the promise of His Word.

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall
not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire,
you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.
For I am the LORD your God,
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior;"
(Isaiah 43:1-3)

Thank you Lord, for calming me when the storms around me were raging. Thank you for allowing me to experience the wonder of Your Peace. Lord, I place Melissa in Your Loving Arms and I ask that You cradle her with your tender mercy and grace. Bestow such amazing love and healing upon her body and spirit that she is astounded by your power. That she is surrounded with your presence. That she is blown away by You.

Thank you for friends who lift me up in prayer and who strengthen me when I am weary.

You are my peace and I love you with everything that I am,

In the mighty and saving and amazing name of Jesus,



BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Beth,
I am so sorry to hear that Melissa is having a hard time. I know that your mother's heart just wants to make everything better...I am delighted, though, that you are finding Ct to be your all in all, and that you are abiding in His peace and tender mercies.

I am praying for you both, gal, and trust that God will perfect all that concerns you and your darling daughter.

Blessings and big hugs, sweetie,

Mari said...

Awesome Beth! Isa is my verse on my header...I love that. Wish I claimed it's truths as well as you are. I struggle with finding that peace and contentment far too much.
Thanks for sharing.

Nana Jul said...

Storming the Heavens for you and Melissa...He is faithful and He will do it! Funny....That is the first verse I prayed when I read your last post...things that make you go hmmmm.....
Love you Beth,

Steph T. said...

You are such an amazing testimony to his love for us...praying for Melissa!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Praying for Melissa!


Yolanda said...

Jesus, is just the best friend we could ever had and want. His power, His presence, His peace.

With love,

Barbara said...

Amen Beth, your testimony is amazing, love you girl, and when we know no what to do, Stand...
I will come side of you and hold your arms in the air, praise the lord for Godly friends, hugs my friend, be blessed, Barbara

Heart2Heart said...


I continue to lift you all up in prayer and ask that God pour out his grace, mercy and strength to you all.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Loren said...

Continuing to pray for you my friend and your precious girl! Seeing HIS hand on both of you and trusting HIM to carry you through !!!

Love you Beth! Sending you big hugs and lots of love today

NanaNor's said...

Sweet Beth, Continuing to lift up your dear Melissa and I am so glad to hear of the rest and assurance that our Lord is giving you. Please know that I will continue to uphold all of you. Your post is such a blessing as well.
Hugs & love,

sanjeet said...

That is the first verse I prayed when I read your last post...things that make you go hmmmm..
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prashant said...

God will perfect all that concerns you and your darling daughter.
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