Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feeling a little down.

I am feeling kinda down today and really don't know why. Nothing has happened to make me feel that way. No one has hurt my feelings. There is nothing going on that is getting to me. I spent the day visiting kids and grandbabies. My husband and I went to Monroe to eat and do a little shopping. (That usually peps me right up!) But for some reason... I am just down.

Have you ever been waiting on a Word from the Lord and it just doesn't seem to come? Have you ever just wanted Him to speak to you and just can't seem to hear anything? I spent time this morning in my bible reading and bible study. I have been studying for the past hour or so. But I just haven't felt like I am hearing anything. Can anyone relate to that? Is it just me? I feel like I am getting bits and pieces, but those bits and pieces aren't really coming together to form anything at this point.

I am trying not to get discouraged. I know that God has led me to this venue of blogging for a purpose. I am not sure exactly what that purpose is. All I want is to glorify Him - I don't ever want to do it for just vain glory of my ownself and maybe that is part of what He is trying to teach me. It's not about who is reading or how many are reading or how many are commenting. It's about Jesus and only Jesus. It's about a journey with my Savior.

I continue to just be obedient and keep my mind on Him, in the Word, in an attitude of prayer.



Loving Him.

Thankful for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family.

Ready to hear when He's ready to speak,


Yolanda said...

Jesus is the One and Only!

Beth, I pray you wake up this morning, refreshed and sensing peace and joy. Love to you, Yolanda

Lisa said...

We've all been there. The good new is that we didn't stay there. Today is a brand new day. My prayer is that today God will encourage and bless your socks off. Take a moment and just start thinking about who God is. I wrote about "Re-framing" yesterday. It certainly helps me.
Blessings - Lisa

much2ponder said...

Hi Beth...I know all too well what you talk about here. I have been there many times and sometimes for long periods of time. The good news is, nothing ever stays the same. It will change. During times when it feels like nothing is likely a time when He is doing something deep within you. Bless you for your honesty here.

I did some writing around the first of the year one post entitled "Resounding Joy" and another "New Beginnings". If you are interested feel free to take a look. Praying the Lord continue with the work he is doing in your heart as you reach out for more of him.

Stephanie said...

Beth,This is a message from God to you praise and worship him just put on some praise and worship music and just dance like David danced this is all he wants he loves when we paise and worship him and then he will speak ever so gentle and sweet.

Sistah in Christ

petrii said...

I have so been in this place. Wanting to hear, getting bits and pieces, desiring to know, and yet . . . I truly believe the Lord is teaching me in these moments . . . teaching me patience, and self-control, and waiting on Him. Teaching me discipline and also showing me joy and peace are found only in Him. We can only see but a part this side of Glory, but praise His Name one day we will see Him in Glory!!!

Love you friend,

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for words from Jesus!
I understand.
Miriam :)


Where there is PRAISE [which we must choose to do - there cannot be despair - one will always override the other.
Isaiah 61:3 show us that. When people tell me they are "down" or "depressed" or "despairing" I always take them to Psalm 145. It will shut that despair right down.
Try it and see!

Looking Upward and Choosing JOY,

Beth in NC said...

Yes! I can identify. I have a hard time hearing from the Lord when it is for me or about my situation. It can be very frustrating.

I pray God brings peace into your situation and provides the answers you're seeking.