Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you Love to Worship our God?

at the
Where our precious Lord suffered.
Where our precious Lord died.
A place of
Agony, Death.
A place of
The Cross. A place of worship. God. The One we worship. It all begins at the Foot of the Cross. Worship is about God. God is the beginning of worship and He is the end of worship. He is everything in between.
Worship has very little to do with us, other than the fact that it is what God created us to do. Plain and simple - worship is our response to what we value the most and that should be God. Worship is something that we do. It is active. Worship is love.
We have an inborn longing to love and be loved. We naturally love those who love us. When we feel the love that Christ has for us, we just automatically want to love on Him in return.
Worship is about giving God the honor and admiration that is due Him. It is about giving Him endless praise and affirmation of His infinite worth. It is about longing for an eternity with Him. We want to worship Him with all we are and all we have. We want to feel His presence.
Spontaneous, true worship brings us face to face with our Savior. We bow down. We humble ourselves. We lay at His feet. We worship.



I love Worship because God desires our worship and deserves nothing else from us. Worship should be who we ARE - not even what we do. We worship in repsonse to Who our God IS - not for what our God can do!

May our Prayers offer worship..

Our lips offer praise...

Our hearts sing with joyful worship...

Our hands raised to extol Him...

Our thoughts connect in worship...

Our lives be lived in Worship every moment of every day!

Choosing JOY,
[JESUS - the One I Worship]

Yolanda said...

Something that I continue to learn about God....worship.

Stephanie said...

I enjoy worshiping God through singing,musical instruments,the verbal proclaiming of His works and attributes,or the quiet adoration of God within my heart.

Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Psalm 29:2

petrii said...

I love to worship my Lord in Spirit and in Truth. He is the Beginning and the End, Praise Him!!!

Love you friend,

LisaShaw said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! Beth! Well shared my sweet sister....

I absolutely adore GOD and worship for me is a lifestyle. It's not really what I do as much as it's who I am in the LORD.

Dr. Mary Ann Brown said many years ago that "Worship is love responding to love". Aww, that's perfect!

Love you and thanks for always sharing your HEART for GOD with us.

Denise said...

My life lived well - a song, a dance, a humble posture - all is worship to my King.


Lisa said...

The more I know Him, the more important worship becomes in my life. As a child we went to "worship service" but very little worship was going on. True worship is so much more than singing songs and listening to sermons. It's about a deep relationship and giving Honor to the one who gave everything for me!

Blessings ~ Lisa

Tammy said...

To worship can we not?

I ran across this book called "Crazy Love" and it's all about worship. I think I'll get it to read on my trip to Fla.

Loved your post!

love and hugs~Tammy

Leslie said...

I've learned that one way to worship God is by having a cheerful heart and attitude while doing mundane tasks. When I do a household chore, I am honoring my family which means I'm honoring God.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wonderful post! He is worthy!

Warren Baldwin said...

Excellent. One of my favorite worship verses is Psalm 32:3. The NIV reads, "You are enthroned as the HOly One; you are the praise of Israel." A legitimate alternate rendering could be, "You are enthroned on the praises of Israel." Since Gentiles have been included into coventant relationship with God (Israel) through Jesus, this is our verse, too. We enthrone God/Jesus with our praise. What an incentive to make worship (through prayer, scripture reading, etc.) a daily experience.

Good article.