Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Mercie!

Happy birthday sweet Mercie!

Oh, my, has it really been one year since you were born? You are the sweetest little youngin'. You have such a sweet nature. You just observe all things with a smile in your eyes and those pouty little lips. What a joy and blessing you are.

You are certainly blessed with terrific parents who love you more than you can imagine. You have a sister and a brother who think you are very special and love to 'help' take care of you.

I will never forget the night you were born. We had been in the hospital for about 6 hours or so and we were so excited and anxious to see your little face. Daddy had run across the hall to get a drink and all of the sudden, you decided it was time! I had to run out and get your daddy so he wouldn't miss it.

And then there you were. 8' 4 ounces of pure love. A miracle. A beautiful, precious little girl. A little bundle of sweet Mercie....

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..." (James 1:17)

Happy birthday sweetheart.

Your very blessed Nana


Lisa said...

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!!!!!
I noticed Nana2four is now Nana2six! What a blessing to be surrounded by so much love! Have a GREAT day!

Lking said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful little Mercie!!! You are so pretty!!!!

God Bless You!!

Anonymous said...

You are a blessed Nana! :0)

Happy Birthday, Mercie! May the Lord Jesus bless you with a great heart of compassion for others and wisdom. May the Lord bless your whole family!



Beth - Congrats to you and little Mercie! 1st birthday's are always the best! These grandkids are making us old before our time - but I say "keep 'em comin'!"

Looking Upward and Choosing JOY,

Yolanda said...

Happy Bithday Mercie and with your Nana for a Nana...indeed you are blessed!

Michele Williams said...

Happy Birthday Mercie! She is so precious!

much2ponder said...

Sweet post for the little one and what a nice name too! Glad to share in this joyous occasion with you.