Thursday, April 16, 2009

Locked or Unlocked

My youngest daughter has had her hands full this last week or so since she brought Sawyer home from the hospital. Bryton is still in the process of getting used to having a baby brother and he is still learning how to be gentle. He loves to be right where the baby is and sometimes that means he gets a little too close for comfort.

I was talking to Ashlie this morning and she was about to take a bath. She was telling me that Sawyer was asleep and she was putting him in his crib in his room. She said she would then put Bryton in the bathroom with her and lock the door. She said she would also lock her bedrooom door. I asked her why she had to lock both doors. She said that way if Bryton got the bathroom door unlocked and ran out, by the time he got the bedroom door unlocked also, she could get to him before he got to the baby! I laughed until I hurt myself! It just struck me so funny as I could picture it in my mind.

I thought about it off and on during the day and the more I thought about it, the more the Lord showed me myself in that picture. I can see where there have been times that I may have been headed down the wrong path and God had to shut and lock a door to keep me from going through it.

Then I thought about a few times when I may have gone out that door anyway and God probably felt like he had to lock more than one door to keep me from going any farther and doing any more damage. He had to lock that door to keep me safe and perhaps to protect others in my path!

I pray that I will be more discerning of His voice and His direction. As I seek Him and His will, I pray that I will take the time to listen so that I can hear clearly. I pray that God won't have to lock any doors to keep me on the right path. My desire is to hear Him speak and then follow where He leads.

Thank you Lord for your presence. Thank you for your continuing mercy upon me. You are the King of Glory. You are Mighty and Powerful. You are worthy.

"Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths" Psalms 25:4



Lisa said...

What a joy your grandbabies are. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like someone is getting ready to climb up another rail on the ladder...I can see that you are seeking God...that is where your heart is...I will pray for you to lift you up.

Isn't it amazing the small things that God uses to speak truths to us? A simple, humorous story about your grandchild...ministered to you in a grand way.

What a blessing!

Yolanda said...


The visual that God gave you, speaks volumes to me. Lord, when I stumble on the path of life, may I realize that You YOURSELF placed The Rock there to slow me down that I might recognize You. Amen.


Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a post. Yes, I liked the Truthsharer site. And, I can see why you are a proud grandmother!

LisaShaw said...

Amen Beth! Beautiful message. Show me Your ways, teach me Your path is a daily prayer for me. I love that Scripture. I desire to seek the LORD even more and to HEAR HIM and MOVE IN HIM.

Gorgeous Grand children!

Love you.

Jenny said...

I cracked up at the two locked doors, that is so something I would do. Great perspective.

much2ponder said...

Wonderful scripture and those grand-babies, just beautiful. I remember being in the same place your daughter is in. My oldest was the same way when I brought his baby brother home. He wanted to hold him and touch him and play with him. One time I left the room for only a few seconds and when I came back my oldest had pulled something over to the bassinet so he could stand on it and he actually picked my second oldest up. When I came into the room I quickly grabbed the baby out of his arms as he was literally teetering on the box he had found, all grins and giggles. Ahhhhh!


I love how you 'think' Beth!! We 'ponder' alike!!

Thanks for the kind words today
[4/18] when my grandson, Collin was born.

I was telling Amy about Sawyer today when we were discussing boys' names. Amy wanted a name for each of her children so they would not have a nickname. So far it has worked.

These little ones are sooo precious and I just love the picture of Sawyer on your sidebar!

Love, another Mom-Mom [Nana]

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wonderful picture! Don't you just love how God speaks to us through every day life!