Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speak to Me Lord

Do you ever just desire a Word from God? Do you ever just yearn for Him to speak to you personally? Do you just want to climb up in His lap and talk to Him?

I do. I so desire a Word from God. I so desire for Him to speak to me. I just love that feeling when He shows me something in His Word. I have been reading a book “He Speaks to Me” by Priscilla Shirer. I love, love this book! I have been literally dissecting it page by page and chapter by chapter. I want all I can get out of it.

One thing that she points out in her book is that we have to prepare ourselves to hear and discern the voice of God. I think that sometimes we just expect God to call out to us from heaven as we go about our daily lives without any action or participation on our part. We really desire to hear His voice, but what we have to realize is that our hearts have to be prepared and our lives equipped to be able to hear when He DOES speak and to discern that it is Him speaking.

There are times when God speaks in our spirit so strong that we have NO doubt that He is talking to us. There are times when His voice isn’t as audible and we aren’t sure. I think that those are the times He is requiring us to seek Him more. To dig into the Word more. To hit our knees more. Then we will know. As we grow and mature spiritually, we are more in tune with Christ and that intimate relationship that we are nurturing with Him enables us to live in the Spirit and feel His presence. To feel Him speak.

There are times when He chooses to be silent. I think that it is in those times that we sometimes feel that He has forgotten us. But I think that it is in those times that He is requiring us to be faithful. To be secure in who He is and what He can and will do in our lives. He is in essence speaking through His silence.

Lord, help me to prepare my heart so I can hear you when you speak. Forgive me for the times that I didn’t hear you because I wasn’t still and wasn’t listening. Help me to rid my life of anything that is hindering me from receiving what you have for me. Speak to me, Lord. Your servant is listening.



Lisa said...

I just finished a study and this book sounds like my next adventure. Thanks for sharing.
Blessings - Lisa

Laurie said...

What a great word sister!
"One thing that she points out in her book is that we have to prepare ourselves to hear and discern the voice of God".. Great teaching and reminders in this post. Thanks for your encouragement here and through your comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Powerful...the voice of God is one his children know and a strangers we will not follow...I think this should be everyone's top desire, because when we seek HIM we are only benifiting ourselves by drawing in closer...


Misty said...

Beth...thanks for your comment. Incidentally I DID read your post on worrying and I LOVED it (like I love all your posts) but I still did it anyway! :o) It seems some days like worrying is all I can do...but I'm learning how to give it back to God each time the worry creeps back in. Slowly but surely I am making progress. God is so good to continue to show me how to do it His way! What a MIGHTY God we serve!

Love ya Beth - my sister in Christ!


I have taught HE SPEAKS TO ME [video Bible study] 2X and I'm just starting her 2nd series - the follow up] called: Discerning the Voice of God - in two weeks with my Monday night group.

I LOVED the workbook in this series. It is one of my favorite workbooks. It brought me into a new understanding of Worship - and Obedience like I'd never known. I learned soooo much through that study. I am thrilled that you are readying her book.

I actually encouage that study as a companion to Believing God [Beth Moore]. Doesn't really matter which one you do first - they just go together very well.

Blessings to you as you desire God and His Word more and more. So many of us are at the place where we just can't get enough of our JESUS! Oh - what a thrill to be in that place!!!

Choosing JOY,
[Kneeling in Prayer]